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Infrastructure and Physical Security

Cynergy Infrastructure and Physical Security Solutions enable Government agencies to implement impenetrable infrastructure defense strategies critical to the protection of people, places, and resources. Uniting IP-based video surveillance, analytics, access control, TCP/IP network, and storage technologies, each solution is designed, deployed, managed, and supported by Cynergy engineers well versed in the intricacies of physical security.

Protecting government buildings, airports, seaports, military bases, and law enforcement facilities requires an overall view of the entire location. Each Cynergy Government Physical Security solution is based on the results of a thorough site assessment and risk and vulnerability analysis and provides the following capabilities:

  • Perimeter defense
  • Physical and logical access control
  • Identity management
  • Antiterrorism/force protection (ATFP)
  • Automated alarms and alerts, including fire and smoke alarm systems
  • Integration with databases containing critical security information
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